Waking under a blanket of fog…

Cowan Creek is located a half-hour drive from my home in metropolitan Sydney. However, staying on a boat overnight and waking under a blanket of fog, while tucked into a secluded bay for just over 24 hours, felt like I’d been away for days.

It began with a clear night full of stars however, little did we realise whilst we slept the creek and bushland would be enveloped in an eerie grey fog.

I was lucky to be invited to stay overnight on a friend’s boat and blessed with perfect weather of lots of sunshine, bright blue skies and that clear starry night.

Lulled by the gentle rock of the boat I was ensured a good nights’ sleep. Early the next morning I was woken by the distant sound of a foghorn indicating there would be no spectacular sunrise on this particular Autumn morning as a blanket of fog had descended into the valley.

As I climbed up out of my bunk and up onto the deck and with a freshly brewed coffee in hand, the fog began to slowly lift and reveal the beauty of the bushland of Kur-ing-Gai National Park.

During the morning, even with the fog, the peaceful waterways came alive with kayakers, fishing boats and a lot of boats.

And once the fog had cleared, the little planes from Sydney By Seaplane delighted us with their coming and goings, delivering those lucky enough to be enjoying lunch at the nearby Cottage Point Inn.

The flight of around 20mins from Sydney Harbour takes in some of Australia’s best beach and waterway views what a way to spend a sunny Sunday!

With the change of season, it was time to say goodbye to Summer and begin to enjoy the cooler days of Autumn.

On this weekend, we were lucky to experience warm sunny days, a cool starry night and a mysterious foggy morning to make us feel we had been away for much longer than 24 hours.


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