Welcome and hello!

I’m so pleased you’ve discovered my website!

It was created when the Covid pandemic abruptly halted my new travel business for almost three years, however rather than wallow in Covid despair, I enrolled in a website design course, as I figured I would need a website when the world of travel reopened!

While in and out of lockdown in Australia, my website allowed me to relive all my treasured memories and travel tales at a time when I couldn’t travel more than 5km from my front door!

Now it’s 2023, I’m excited to announce the relaunch of my travel business! Those small steps I took each day during the pandemic years, ensured travel is something I can again enjoy, but never take for granted. It has been exciting to travel again, capture images, write stories and share my adventures and it has been exciting to assist my clients in creating and fulfilling their Moroccan travel dreams.

If Morocco, is on your travel list, please contact me as I’m excited to discuss your ideas, or here you can read about my upcoming and past tours, as well as destinations I’ve visited and tales gathered along the way @nicolestraveltales

Firstly, here’s an introduction about me and what inspires my dreams…

I’m Nicole, I live in Sydney, Australia. I’m a travel agent, photographer and I love travelling and sharing my experiences. I am married, have three adult children and a Burmese cat!

From an early age, my inquisitive nature was encouraged. Always asking questions, I was interested in explorers, maps, geography, the moon and stars, wanting to know how and why! My Pop’s pile of National Geographic magazines provided endless daydreams and I loved turning those pages in wonder at the amazing destinations in faraway lands.

Growing up our family holidays were camping trips in the Murramarang National Park at South Durras on the New South Wales south coast where we were taught how to pitch tents, tie knots and catch fish.

In winter, from a very young age, I spent school holidays skiing at Perisher Valley in the NSW Snowy Mountains, staying at the ski lodge my adventurous parents built, with their friends, during the ’60s!

Back then this trip, in a VW Beetle, took 8+ hours. The VW was packed full of children and gear, those were the days of leather ski boots, wooden skis and bamboo stocks.

The rule was “if you wanted to ski you had to carry your gear”. So, in our homemade ski suits, hand-knitted jumpers and beanies, we’d head off for the most wonderful adventures in the snow!

In February 1976, at the age of ten, our annual camping trip was slightly different as we set off on a five-month ‘camping’ holiday through Europe.

In a rented British ‘Commer’ van, the five of us (Mum, Dad, my sister aged eight and brother aged two) visited most of Western Europe.

We camped at truck stops just off the autobahns or others ranging from a patch of grass to the manicured gardens of an incredible French chateau or centuries-old castle!

Mid 70’s Europe was very different to now. The Eastern Block was still heavily guarded or had closed borders. The Berlin Wall was firmly in place, Yugoslavia was a country, and the ancient ruins of Rome and Athens were a child’s playground to climb and scramble amongst.

Whilst ‘playing’ amongst the ancient ruins or daydreaming I was Heidi frolicking in the meadows of the Swiss Alps, I didn’t appreciate the impact this trip, so far away from home, would have on me until later, when in my ‘20s I left Australia to travel again and was able to appreciate the gift my parents had so generously given to me

With my own family, we’ve travelled to many parts of Australia, including Uluru and Kakadu in the Northern Territory and Western Australia’s remote Kimberley region.

We’ve driven along the winding and windswept Great Ocean Road in Victoria’s southeast and sheltered from a storm off the pristine waters of Tasmania’s far south wilderness.

We’ve snorkelled the reefs and the clear warm waters of Queensland’s tropical far north and many, many places in between – Australia is a BIG country.

We’ve also been lucky to have travelled abroad to meet my husband’s family in Germany to experience the enchanting Christmas markets and ski beneath the imposing shadow of the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Italy is a favourite and France and Portugal have so much more to offer, I’ll be back! I was travelling in Japan when the pandemic stopped the world and returned just before Australia shut its borders!

It’s so wonderful, how travel provides special times and treasured memories for us all.

I love travelling and in April 2018, on a trip in Morocco, I felt the way I looked at travelling shift.  For our previous travels, I organised every aspect and happily took on the role of tour coordinator for our family group of five. However, for our trip to Morocco, I engaged a specialist tour company to coordinate and manage everything and this time I was a passenger along for the ride.

It was during this trip to such an exotic, beautiful and fascinating country, that I found a longing to want to share my travels with others. I wanted to share the excitement, the places and all the experiences, not only in Morocco but anywhere in the world.

I wanted my love of travel, photography and sharing stories to inspire people to not only travel but to join me and experience destinations – yes, a small group of like-minded souls.

Had I lost my mind? Who knows, however, during my Moroccan holiday, something magical happened and even today, I’m still unsure exactly what it was, however, I followed the magic and in 2019, I graduated with a Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management and started my own business, specialising in small group travel.

My dream was almost a reality when Covid struck and overnight everything I’d worked so hard towards stopped!

I was stunned, however during the lockdowns, I continued to learn, research and build my online presence through my website and my Instagram account @nicolestraveltales to ensure that when the world reopened I’d be ready to pick up where I’d left off.

The pandemic continued for much longer than anyone anticipated, and many times, I lost all motivation to keep going, but the world did reopen and people are now travelling more than ever.

I returned to Morocco in October 2023 joining a small group tour. It was so wonderful to be back again with those kind, generous people and the incredible, diverse scenery. It was a wonderful trip and this is only the beginning…

Therefore, if Morocco is a destination that interests you, I can assist. Whether it’s part of a small group tour or as an independent traveller, please click the link here to see my tours or send me a message via the email link below.

I’m happy to answer your travel questions and inspire your travel dreams.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Nicole x

All the images on my website have been taken by me unless they’re from my family archives, I’m in them or otherwise stated!

If you’d like to see where I’ve been, take a look at my Instagram images below and follow me here